6 in 1 Hot-melt Optical Film

6 in 1 Hot-melt Optical Film

The new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film is produced using a newly invented and patented technology. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in a product with superior product features.

Feature One: No Adhesive Lines
When required, the new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film will use the conventional adhesive coating process with the absence of complex glue, resulting in a product that has no adhesive “lines” that affect the driver’s line of sight.

Feature Two: Non Reflective
The new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film applies a three-dimensional technology dispersing ultrafine rare materials onto the PET layer, resulting in high insulation without the reflection (non-reflective).

Feature Three: Stable Insulation Properties
The new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film, using the dispersion technology of ultrafine rare materials on the PET layer, does not come in contact with acidic and alkaline substances, thus maintaining the material’s properties. Window film produced using this technology has a stable and steady insulation performance.

Feature Four: No Oxidation, No Black or White Borders
The insulation material of the new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film is packaged within the PET layer, thus not coming into contact with air and moisture. As such, oxidation does not occur and the black border or white edges phenomena will not take place.

Feature Five: No Communications Signal Disruption
The new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film uses selected spectrally smart materials in its composition, not “shielding” or disrupting mobile phone signals, ETC and other commonly used wireless devices.

Feature Six: Does Not Easily Fade or Age
With the new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film using patented technology coupled with functional materials packaged within the PET layer, the color of the film is maintained will not easily fade.

Feature Seven: No Degumming, No Bubbling
The new 6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film series using patented technology, without applying the use of adhesives, has no degumming and bubbling effects

6 in 1 “hot-melt” window film ensures non fading and high heat rejection for at least 10years.

UV400 6 in1 ˇ°hot-meltˇ± Skincare Optical films

UV400 6 in1 “hot-melt” Skincare Optical films

UV400 6in1 “hot-melt” Optical Skincare films are produce using international patented technology (C08L 33/04) with special titanium nitride window film made by world class manufacture.

Skin care: patent technology 100% block harmful UV Ray and High-energy visible (HEV) light 70% blue light cut up to 420nm wavelength yet provide high heat rejection and clear visibility with the special anti-scratch coating layer. Which can effectively prevent skin not be sunburned and avoid human to form melanoma cells, and prevent the auto interior fading and aging.
Energy saving: effectively blocking infrared into the car to reduce energy consumption.

Anti-explosion: can increase the fastness of glass, to prevent the emergence of burst can fix broken glass to reduce the harm to human body.

Reducing blind glare: to reduce the sun and the strong light to eyes stimulus, reduce the occurrences of accidents.
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