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% Visible Light Transmittance 50
% Infra-Red Rejection (1400nm) 95
% Ultra Violet Rejection (280nm-400nm) 100
% High Energy Visible Blue Light Rejection (380nm-420nm) 99
% Total Solar Energy Rejected 65
    Thickness 3 mil
    Scratch Resistance 3H
    Color Appearance Dark Green

Features :
Multi Layer UV400 Sputtering Skincare Optical film

Skin care: A Revolutionary product that are a Multi-layer Chip Dye films that are optically clear, color stable for more than 10 years, have a high degree of heat rejection, plus Ultra Violet ray rejection up to 400nm, plus High Enegry Visible Blue light rejection up to 495nm. They do not interfere with GPS or Mobile signals. Made by a patented process that is one of a kind, a unique process by which multiple hot resins are deposited one on top of the other to make a single ply film, giving you the performance that surpasses the performance of any other single ply film and many multi ply variants. This film truly cares for you. Variants available for automobile, residential and architectural use.


Sputtering: Comes with additional layer of sputtering process to enhance high heat rejection. Sputtering process is senior aerospace alloy of titanium by using the most advanced multi-cavity high speed rotating equipment.


Energy saving: effectively blocking infrared into the car to reduce energy consumption.

Anti-explosion: can increase the fastness of glass, to prevent the emergence of burst can fix broken glass to reduce the harm to human body.


Reducing blind glare: to reduce the sun and the strong light to eyes stimulus, reduce the occurrences of accidents

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