UV400 6 in1 “hot-melt” Skincare Optical films

UV400 6in1 “hot-melt” Optical Skincare films are produce using international patented technology (C08L 33/04) with special titanium nitride window film made by world class manufacture.

Skin care: patent technology 100% block harmful UV Ray and High-energy visible (HEV) light 70% blue light cut up to 420nm wavelength yet provide high heat rejection and clear visibility with the special anti-scratch coating layer. Which can effectively prevent skin not be sunburned and avoid human to form melanoma cells, and prevent the auto interior fading and aging.
Energy saving: effectively blocking infrared into the car to reduce energy consumption.

Anti-explosion: can increase the fastness of glass, to prevent the emergence of burst can fix broken glass to reduce the harm to human body.

Reducing blind glare: to reduce the sun and the strong light to eyes stimulus, reduce the occurrences of accidents.
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