BD-CS7060 Multi Layer Heat Resistant Color Stable Optical Film Building & Commercial Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Desa Tebrau Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | EURO Asia Windows Film Sdn Bhd
% Visible Light Transmittance 70
% Infra-Red Rejection (1400nm) 60
% Ultra Violet Rejection (280nm-400nm) 99
% Total Solar Energy Rejected 34
    Thickness  2mil
    Scratch Resistance 1H
    Color Appearance Lite Grey

Features :
Color Stable Film is produced using a newly invented and patented technology. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in a product with superior product features.
Feature One : No Adhesive Lines
Feature Two : Non Reflective
Feature Three : Stable Insulation Properties
Feature Four : No Oxidation, No Black or White Borders
Feature Five : No Communications Signal Disruption
Feature Six : Does Not Easily Fade or Age
Feature Seven : No Degumming, No Bubbling

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