Warranty Policy
Warranty Policy
Thank you for purchasing our EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD window film. All ours films applied to the interior side of glass and warranty assures you of any detects, such as peeling, bubbing, cracking, adhensive failure, delaminiation and demetaliazation, for a period of 5 year, 7 year and 10 year according your tax invoice date. Warranty coverage begins at time of installation.
Coverage is extended to the origianal purchaser only and is not transferable. EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD warranty liability to the replacement and re-installation labor of only such quantity of film found to be defective under this warranty.
Proof of purchases ie required at the time a warranty claim is fields, which must included the following.- Original Bill of Sales for the installation of the EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD.- No warranty claim can be processed without the original bill .The terms and conditions of this Limited coverage are as follows:
Coverage is limited to the original owner of the property at the time of installation.In no event shall EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD be liable or responsible for loss and or damage, direct, incidental, or consequential, except as expressly set forth herein. This Limited warranty is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, and is void if the product has been subject to abuse or improper care application of the films which includes poor installation technique, contamination, improper trimming and or measuring.
This warranty gives the purchaser specific legal rights, and the purchaser may have other rights that vary from State to State.Pre-existing conditions, which may affect glass breakage or seal failure of the filmed glass, will void this Limited warranty. EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD reserves the right to inspect any job prior to final issuance of payment by the Seller. Fraud by the installing dealer or customer shall void this Limited warranty.
This Limited warranty shall not apply, and shall not be enforceable, when:
*The dealer's installation practices do not confirm to EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD published installation policies, and procedures.
*Two or more films are applied to the same glass surface.
*The filmed windows are triple pane construction, textured, wire film glass, or an IG unit inclusive of a suspended film.
*Film is applied to any glass on which there is paint, lettering, signs, stickers, or other permanent or temporary ornamentation.
*The filmed glass has prior damage, is chipped, cracked, has holes in it, or I flight is visible between the frame and glass.
*The film is applied to plastics, acrylics, polycarbonates or other non glass substrates.
*The glass is found to have been cracked or exhibits evidence of seal failure at the time of window film installation.
*Frames or seals are not resilient, such as solid metal or solid wood frames, or any hard material without resilient expansion seals.
*One glass side is more than 10 feet or the glass has more than 100 sq. ft. (9.3 sq. met.) of surface area.
*The breakage was due in whole or in part to forces not involving thermal stress such as severe winds, earthquakes, civil disturbance, explosions, etc.
*Double pane glass with more than 40 sq. ft. of surface area (3.7 sq. met.)
*Clear annealed glass thicker than 3/8 inch (9.5mm).
*Tinted annealed glass thicker than 1/4 inch (6.0rrun).
*Glass window blocks.
*Partial applications of film to glass.
*Architectural shading from exterior overhangs, extensions, columns, pillars, etc.
*Architecturally odd-shaped windows larger than 20 sq. ft. (1.8 sq. met.)
*Buildings with more than 1% previous glass breakage over the last 1\'10 (2) years prior to fihn installation.
*Latent glass defects such as, but not limited solely to, Nickel Sulfide inclusion .
The window film is applied to any type of laminated glass without the prior written consent of EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM SDN BHD
During the window film drying process, you may notice changes in the optical clarity. A cloudy appearance may occur. If this happens, it is normal and will go away. After the moisture dries, the hazy appearance will disappear as the film bonds to the glass. It is also important to note that climate, film thickness, and metal content of the film dramatically affect drying times. Occasionally small water beads or bubbles will form during the drying process. This is normal, and they will dry out and disappear.
- Do not wash film for thirty (30) days.
- When cleaning, do not use materials with hard abrasives or brushes, use only a soft cloth or squeegee and mild detergent solution.
Procedures for Warranty Claim
To make a warranty claim, please proof of purchases is required at the time a warranty claim is fields, which must included the following. Original tax invoice for the installation of the EURO ASIA WINDOWS FILM Sdn Bhd . No Waranty claim can be processed without the original bill .

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